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The researchers summarized: heavy metal music video clips
"Our results confirm previous reports about the fact that openness is associated with a preference for heavy rock and heavy metal, including sub-genres" nonmainstream ". heavy metal music video clips   In the explanation it has been suggested that individuals who score high in the opening show a preference for intensity, variety, complexity and the most extreme and less conventional sector of heavy metal.
also showed that individuals with more negative attitudes toward institutional authority were more likely to show a preference for extreme metal tracks. In general, this is consistent with the description of heavy metal fans as inhabiting a subculture of alienation, which translates into an opposition to authority and society in general …heavy metal music video clips   It is possible, for example, that heavy metal can evoke referring images that are inherently anti-authoritarian or the sign of a rebellion against the dominant culture. In this sense, people who have more negative attitudes toward authority may show a preference for extreme metal, precisely because they express their discontent with authority. heavy metal music video clips

Respondents who showed a greater preference for metal tracks in the present study were also more likely to have low self-esteem and a greater need for uniqueness. heavy metal music video clips  
In the first case, it is possible that people with relatively low self-esteem are attracted to heavy metal because this style of music allows a purge of negative feelings. heavy metal music video clips  
The catharsis offered by the metal, in turn, helps them to increase self-esteem and promote positive self-evaluations among which, otherwise, low self-esteem could preponderate. " heavy metal music video clips

"The people closest to the opening to the experience have a marked tendency to feel at ease with the most complex, intense, interesting and stimulating forms of music and metal is just one of those various forms," ??concludes Swami. heavy metal music video clips