Join now and become millionare in 2018 or just be a witness of BitBull Coin success
 BitBull (BBLC) is dedicated to redefining the core trends of Cryptocurrency in the present and future and to generate positive changes in the way that crypto is viewed & exchanged in the next century. BitBull’s ICO will launch on February 10, 2018, and ends on March 11, 2018. The BitBull (BBLC) Platform will provide a self-regulated financial system with a platform designed to provide multiple investment opportunities, with Cryptocurrency education and possibilities of income stability in a very unstable world.
The BitBull Platform has several features and benefits never available before, like:

* Instant Transfer P2P: P2P itself means BitBull runs without having a central server. The storage server is decentralized and distributed/divided into various servers run by each user connected to the network.

* Transfer Money Easily: Just like Bitcoin, it can be sent anywhere in seconds, whenever and wherever you want. Money transfer with BitBull can happen in the BitBull wallet. 

* Utilizes The Lightning Network: The Lightning Network is a solution that allows for sending instant and near-zero cost transactions to one or moreusers of the network. 

* BitBull Transactions are Anonymous: All the transactions we have done can be seen, but it will not be known who the owner of the BitBull address is if the owner does not expose it. Each BitBull Coin user can actually choose whether or not his name will appear, but even if the user wants to keep his identity secret, all of his transactions are still recorded and can be monitored through the blockchain.

* Transactions Are Very Easy: You can transfer BitBull Coin to anywhere in the world as long as it connected to the Internet. BitBull coin will be deposited into the BitBull Wallet.

* The Number of Coins is Limited: BitBull coin supply will only have 27 million coins worldwide, this resembles an economic system based to deflation and with increasing supply coin, BitBull coin price trends to rise when demand is high and the number of coins that remain is not increased. 

The BitBull ICO will last for only 30-days and is predicted to be a sellout. Early adopters will benefit by the introductory prices and see a better ROI as it hits the exchanges at the end of the ICO. A detailed discussion about this ICO can be viewed in the Whitepaper here.      

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